Itren - Water treatment expert

Design, manufacture and on-site installation of water treatment systems



Water treatment expert

Itren was created in 2004, and it is Soverdi's subsidiary (pumping and filtration system specialist). Itren is specialized in design, manufacture and on-site installation of water treatment systems. Itren works for private and public sectors with water treatment units, wastewater treatment systems.

Listen, understand, analyze and study

We constantly monitor legal constraints changes, because the law and the environment evolve, we maintain our understanding of your needs. Itren know how to build systems according to your specifications: constraints, costs, yield, landscaping, term of use, ecology, time limit...


Oversee the evolution thanks to information management

We can help you for your further steps, for your current installation upgrading. We can train your staff for using our systems. Moreover we have an important stock of spare parts to quickly help you.