we lead a feasibility study taking into account the specific criteria of your request.

Meeting with your needs
On-site installation

We provide "turn-key" water treatment solutions


Looking for solutions

Meeting with your needs, we lead a feasibility study taking into account the specific criteria of your request. Our technical offer and price quote will take into account the permanent search of cost savings and environmental preservation.


Supervision or turn-key solutions

Our equipment are mainly ready to install, and ready to use. We offer turnkey solutions or commissioning with supervision. Commissioning allow to train your team with installation and equipment management. ITREN can also mounted in factory the concerned equipments and delivered them ready to connect and to work. Our technical assistance will give you all the answer you should ask.


Our solutions


  • Compact stations : adaptable according to your needs (compact filters, biological treatment...).
  • Reed bed filters (phytoepuration) : A 100% ecological treatment, a growing demand in France for 40 years.
  • Aerobic treatment : we provide the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) for high seasonality effluents, and the activated sludge treatment (100% made in France).
  • The oilskimmers : They remove oil, fat, and grease from the surface of water (more information on the website).
  • Mobile container solutions : We provide 2 solutions : The Pack AEP to produce drinkable water, and the BIOPACK to treat wastewater everywhere.
  • Pumping station : Itren provide a large range of pumping solutions for individual houses or neighborhood.

Special product design

Our solutions will fit with your needs and installation requirements. We provide pre-manufacturing units that will be assembled on site. We work with a large scale of materials like stainless steel, PE, Polypropylène, aluminium, PRV, PVC … Some products will be manufactured specially for your installation. Our aim is to provide complete systems robust in operation, easy to expand.



Abroad projects

ITREN regularly realizes abroad projects, from design to on site installation. As we can provide ready to install solutions, or modular equipment to be assembled on site, installation is easy. This is why we can offer turn key projects or supervision for mounting operation.